CEO Teyana Chin Joins Women In Business Discussion Sunday April 25 on VOICES of ENY with Nikki Lucas

Teyana Chin, CEO of Yana C. Mastermind, will be this week’s guest on VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas.  This is the third part of the Virtual Business Series, which dealt with financing with Stephen Clemetson (Financial Planning) and Credit Building with Otis Caldwell, and this week with Teyana Chin.

This week, SUNDAY April 25, 2021 @9am,  the show will concentrate on confidence from a Women in Business perspective.  If you are a woman in business, whether you are just starting out, or if you are already successful in your business, we would like for you to join the discussion to provide your experiences in business. Join the show live at, or you can watch the show on the homepage of


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