Byzantine Glamour: A Discussion With Designer and Entrepreneur Aisha Chatha About Her Belia Isza Line Created To Empower Women

Designer and Entreprenuer wants to empower women with her classic new line of custom designed evening dresses and wedding gowns.


Her Power Network sat down with Aisha Chatha to discuss her designs and inspiration for the Belia Isza line.

“Belia” meaning beautiful, and “Isza,” correlates to the exotic depiction of my South East Asian culture. With inspiration from stylistic art eras, Belia Isza has taken facets of style built up by well established historical empires and infused them together with the rich cultural heritage of South East Asia and the elegant sophistication of the French.

As the creator of Belia Isza I wanted to create fashion that fused styles and cultures together because I was frustrated at the limited selection of clothing that suited my fashionista taste. With an eye for art and a mind for business, I started my own fashion company.  It has been a remarkable feat to bring my creative vision into the fashion world and I look forward to building a good relationship with my customers. Belia Isza wants women all around the world to illuminate with elegance & class. We want to empower women by designing clothing to compliment their beautiful body as an iconic & fashion savy muse. Most importantly, we want to donate to women empowerment programs with each sale so women all over the world can rise to their aspirations as a leader, girlboss, and serve as a role model within their community.

HPN: When did you realize making Women’s fashion was your passion?

I always admired fashion as a young girl.  I would spend countless hours studying about fashion icons and how their classic & elegant femininity, along with their talent, paved the way to their success.

Growing up and giving into the pressure of cultural societal norms, I found myself pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical world that didn’t light my soul on fire.  I knew that I wanted to be successful and make a difference in the world but I found myself unhappy and wanted to make a change. 

Courageously enough, I enrolled into Rutgers Business School and could finally feel the wind beneath my wings.  It was during my third semester in business school that my passion for fashion resurfaced.  I couldn’t help but study the timeless fashion of a Royal Queen and how it exuded her femininity and leadership.  She stood tall and proud in her corset fitted gown that was heavily beaded and when you were in her presence you were naturally inclined to know more about her.  It was amazing to me how fashion would speak of a woman’s femininity & talent and allow the world to see her as beautiful muse. For the first time, I considered the possibility of blending fashion design,  and my business intelligence. The early stirrings of an entrepreneurial dream began to surface and hence, Belia Isza came into existence.

Simply starting a fashion business would not be emotionally and mentally fulfilling. I wanted my fashion brand to involve charitable giving, empowerment, and positivity so that we women can continue paving the way for success for other women. 

HPN: Why is the Byzantine era so inspiring to you?

 The Byzantine era invokes an air of mystery and romance due to its cultural fusion.  During this era, the Byzantine Empire began trade with the Middle East and the traders would bring exotic fabrics and patterns into the capital city of Constantinople. The Byzantines weren’t afraid to adopt the colors, patterns, and fabrics of East into their own costume traditions.  

I was born and raised in America but my traditions are from South Asia.  Hence, I can appreciate the underlying cultural fusion of the Byzantine Era with the East.  It has inspired me to create fashion that I can culturally fuse.

You will find my obsession with the exotic, courtly fashions of the ancient Byzantium kingdom in Belia Isza’s opulent line of occasion wear that fuses the simplicity of Western silhouettes with an overlay of lavish, South Asian embellishment techniques.

Each outfit from Belia Isza’s Evening WearBridal Collection is unique, memorable and one-of-a-kind with beads, brocades and fine hand-embroidery that elevate fashion to the world of art.

HPN:How do you want women to feel when they wear a Belia Isza Design?

 I feel as women, we try hard to make everyone else around us happy.  Going through my own life journey, I have learned a very powerful lesson.  Which is, to fall in love with yourself first. Therefore, I want my clientele to fall in love with themselves when they don a Belia Isza outfit. The clothing I design is an outward manifestation of the incredible feminine power that already resides in the heart of every women. My goal is to bring out those inner attributes of beauty, mystery and sensuality, and showcase them for the whole world to see.


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